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I want to run away and never come back. 


浴衣 by kirainet on Flickr.

匿名 asked: hey my girlfriend asked me to give her oral sex but how do I do it?? c:

" beautiful portrait of Maiko "… c/o tokyo camera club

The White House is launching a new sexual assault prevention campaign, called “It’s On Us,” that hopes to mobilize college men to get involved in the fight against campus rape. A President who *understands* rape culture

Back to Reality .. Le sigh


Thank you Universe💕🌙 thank you once again Beyond Wonderland 2014🎉

Beyond the ocean and around the sea

Today has been such a good night!. I cannot bless the gods enough as well as the people who spent time dancing with me! It doesn’t feel real I wish it was till 5am but oh well I’ll post more when I reach my laptop.